The Hub City Beach Party is a fun event to raise money for Foster*A*Life which is a nonprofit agency that grants dreams to foster children in the 18 counties surrounding and including Lubbock.

The mission of Foster*A*Life is to provide otherwise unavailable assistance, services, and opportunities to children who have been placed in foster care.  The purpose is to enhance the lives of those children who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned.  Foster*A*Life has fulfilled dreams for sports camps, mission trips, glasses, mascot uniforms, church trips, sibling group excursions and much more.

We have recently begun a tutoring program in order to help these children catch up with their classmates.  These children have been called the “Forgotten Children,” but Foster*A*Life makes them feel important and lets them know someone cares!

Get ready for some more fun in the sun! It is time for the 18th Annual Hub City Beach Party! With more games planned, this year is not to be missed!

When: Saturday August 5th, 2023
Where: Depot Patio at 608 18th Street. (Just before I-27) Time: Gates open at 6:00, concert starts at 7:00
Who: The Landsharks (Jimmy Buffet Tribute band)

$20 or $25 at the door

There will be many activities and games to enjoy during the evening. Another featured event is the treasure hunt called ‘The Lost Shaker of Salt’! A variety of foods and drinks will be available as well. The event will also have fun games such as a hula hoop contest, limbo contest and more! To purchase tickets to the concert you can call 806.792.3181 or pick them up at a Select-A-Seat location.

We look forward to seeing everyone out this year and a big thank you to all our many wonderful sponsors! See you on the beach!